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Mother's Day is always a Time to Cherish.

The best photos I have ever taken are of my own children. They may not win awards or even be technically correct, or even anything I would dream of putting on this blog... but... they create an emotion within and bring back nostalgia when I look at them in months and years to come.

As a mother I look back on photos of my children when they were little and I miss those chubby hands and feet and those sweet gurgle baby giggles. I have such amazing memories captured. Such fantastic images to look back on one day and this makes me so happy. But. None of these pictures have me in. None. As much as I adore these photos it's often a bittersweet moment as I know my kids have no photographic memories of me. and especially of me interacting with them.

So this year, if I can do ANYTHING for fellow moms out there, it's the opportunity to get themselves photographed with their kids in spontaneous real moments. Moments mom can look back on in years to come, and smile.

From 25th April until 1st may I will be running mini sessions in studio and also offering Mother's Day Gift Vouchers to ensure you have a variety of options to choose from, and ensure Mom gets something she will truly cherish.

Wishing all moms, a Happy Mothers Day


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